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Buffyverse Femmeslash

For whatever's blowing up your skirt these days

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This is a community for Buffyverse femmeslash, any pairing, any rating. Feel free to post relevant fic, recs, art, icons, discussion, to plug yourself silly and drink margaritas.

Despite the nonspecific journal name, please note this is a FEMslash community. This community is all about the ladies. If you want guy/guy, try btvs_slash.

Your rules:

All adult content must be marked NC-17 and placed below the cut.

All potential squicks (ie, BDSM, non-con, incest, etc) must be clearly labelled as such.

Concrit is encouraged, but the key word there is constructive. No flames or personal attacks.

Any problems or questions, contact equus_vodka